Friday, June 7, 2013

Ingury update

It's been about two weeks since my last run. I'm pretty sure this is the longest time away from running since I started emphatically running in 2004, which is probably why I'm in this situation. I pushed and pushed for about 4 years trying to get faster and stronger with very little time off...maybe a week here and there during the year.

I'm at peace now that I can't run. I think the swimming has definitely helped and with helping my cross country girls with summer training. It does suck that I can't run with them or with the boys, but I do get to ride my green machine beach cruiser. Abby and I did get paddle boards!! Very stoked to get on the water this summer!

So hamstring is feeling a lot better. Very little pain in the butt anymore when sitting, but still a big difference when stretching the left hamstring between the good (right) and bad (left) hamstring. On another note, my right sciatic nerve is not improving.  The pain starts in the butt and travels to my hamstring, so no back pain and it's not traveling down the whole leg. The only way my SN feels better is after an activity like swimming, spinning, or even walking. Not really sure why. Could be blood flow increase? No clue.

What I am hoping is to start kicking more in the swim and do some leg strengthening that's not hamstring specific like bridges, calf raises, hip flexor raises. I've found this article on to be very helpful.

Summer is here so I hope everyone is enjoying the long days for training!

Next up...Rev3 Williamsburg...I'll be volunteering my butt off!

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