Friday, March 30, 2012

Clermont Olympic RR

First tri of the season!! YEAH!!...well more like yeah...

For some odd reason, the week leading up to my first triathlon for 2012 I was pretty blah...not physically blah, but mentally blah. I don't know and I still don't know really why...a few hypotheses:

1. First race - haven't raced a multisport since early February
2. My shin - my right shin has been bothering me for about 3 weeks now which has hampered my runs a little. The weird thing is that I still have been running well with SHS track team but not to my full ability (well what I think my full ability is).
3. No motivation - I was really motivated to be a strong competitor last prove I was someone to reckon with. I thought I achieved that goal last year. I know you're suppose to trying to improve every race...blah, blah, but just wasn't feeling it.
Anyways, I digress....

The day before (Saturday):

Did my basic pre-race with my newly tuned up bike from Tempo Cyclery; 30 minute bike and 2 mile run. The bike included 5x1 min at race pace which was between 260-275 watts. The run included some pick ups and at 1.5 miles pick it up for 2 minutes at race pace which was 6 min/mile. Also include drills and strides. After nice stretch and shower Abby and I got packed up to head to Clermont.
We got to the race sight and I got in a 10 minute swim at Lake Minneola (wet suit a degree I think). We got checked in to Lake Minneola Inn, which was only a mile from race sight. Time to chill and have my traditional 2 beers before bed time.

Sunday I went through the normal motions (again asking myself what is wrong with me) with getting on the trainer for 15 minute spin and pick-ups, get my gear to transition, and ready to rock. My nutrition was pretty simple. I just had my front water bottle filled with water and 2 Powerbar Kona Punch gels mixed with the water. I placed a Powerbar Latte gel by my running shoes in case I need it for the run. I'm a pretty efficient racer. I don't like a lot of calories, just enough.

The swim was great. I got all lubed up from the Tri-slide by SBR Sports. I love tri-slide, it made adjusting the wet suit so much easier than body glide. The lake was pretty calm with not much wind. I think wave 1 and 2 were a little confused about the course because they were heading towards the middle of the course, but the paddleboarders and kayakers got them back on course. It was a pretty simple swim. The racers go counterclockwise, which caused the sun to be at our backs (bonus!). My wave was the male 39 and under, so some pretty fast triathletes. I got a good start and only found myself in a pack for the first 3-4 minutes and then it was clear sailing (swimming) from there. Passed plenty of people from other waves, which is always a good feeling. I felt very smooth out there and focused a lot on gliding with long and smooth strokes. I didn't get my swim split because the timing company linked T1 and swim together, but I think it was a solid 20:30. I'll take it!

To my surprise,
there were strippers!!! Yeah! Oh wait that's for another blog....they got my suit off for me, which was probably my weakest event (haven't swam in a wet suit since November and haven't tried taking off a wet suit fast in a very long time). So got my helmet on and ready to rock.


You know it's the first race of the season because of all the rookie moves you make. I never checked out the first mile or so of the bike course so I come out of T1 and I see a hill right out the gate and I'm suppose to slip into my shoes during this...nope...not going to happen, so I just power up the hill and then get my feet into my shoes. Oh well, not sure if it really mattered...I am too stubborn anyways not to have my shoes already clipped in. So I ge
t into my aero position and start cruising. Picking off people as fast as I can trying to keep my zone at 260-275.

I really enjoyed the course. I loved the hills! T
he more I race at different places, the more I find I prefer challenging and hilly courses. I loved 70.3 Vegas and I loved Mussellman in Geneva, NY. I had two hiccups on the bike course. The first was going to
o fast at a turn and ended up in the grass passed the road, but I calmly (probably because I was so blah) navigated out of the grass and back on the road...maybe there is some cyclocross in my future. There was a price going through the grass (besides losing some seconds), I noticed my front brake was rubbing so loosen that and now I just have my back brake...yay only 1 brake going downhill!!!
It's hard navigating your power with hills...of course you're going to go above your wattage while going uphill and a little low going downhill, but I really didn't pay too close to my power because of the turns and uphills so I really didn't know where I was till I got about 5 miles left of the bike which takes the racers around the other part of the lake (west side). My second mishap occurred trying to get back around to transition. I didn't notice the volunteer with his flag (because he was on the left side of the road, which was blocked my trees so I missed that turn, but again quickly made a u-turn and probably lost 10-15 seconds...oh well. I'm back to transition with a pretty good bike. I did get 26.5 miles on my computer with a time of 1:06 and 258 np...bummed a little I didn't get to my zone. I know I had more to give on the bike.

I quickly dismount...I love dismounting. You get to bring your leg over like you did as a kid and hit the brakes...oops...I mean brake and just jump off the bike! I get my shoes and my Swiftwick socks...that's right I wear socks. I pretty much always for any Olympic or longer. It's probably because I wear running racing flats and not triathlon specific flats, but I love my Adidas. If I can run a 2:53 marathon in them, I think good enough for triathlons.

The run is pretty simple and actually liked the course. Not many
triathlons have great run courses. This course consisted of two out-and-backs, which the first you head west for a mile and turn around and then head east for 3 miles and turn ar
ound back to the start/finish. It's good because I get to see Abby 3 times, which always a good thing. Things didn't start out great for me on the run. It took me a good 1-1.5 miles until my legs felt good so I was plugging along at 6:30's. I took my Latte gel at mile 2 and started to get in a groove. I got my pace down to 6:10's until I got to the last turn around (about mile 4). I noticed a guy that was bearing down on runners so I knew I was in is sight so I started to see what I had. My pace dropped to 6:00's and finished strong with a sub 40 for the 10 kilometers...39:06. I decent run. Not my best but that was due to the first two miles being in the 6:30's. I should of pushed myself harder, but again that comes back to my issue from the beginning of the day. It comes down to how much you want to hurt that day and how much you want to regret.

Overall I finished 11th and in my age group I got 1st with 2:09. It's always good that you don't get passed on the bike or run during your race...or that means I'm a crappy swimmer. Can't forget to finish my race with my favorite protein drink...mix1 chocolate.

I did get a bonus this race. I saw and met my Rev3 teammate Rachelle while on her run. I got a little jog in with her. Can't wait to have more time hangout in Knoxville!


  1. Congrats! If you like hilly courses you will LOVE Quassy!! Are you going?

    1. on Quassy. I'll be in Maryland for a tri, but looking forward to Knoxville and Portland. Can't wait to ride in Mt. Hood.

  2. Congrats on the great race! Clermont is a tough course - but the hills are fantastic out there!

  3. Thanks Chloe!! Love the hills!