Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Two weeks of epic training!

Being a teacher has a lot of rewarding days! Working with students to try and get them as excited about chemistry as I am and of course explosion Fridays, but I would be crazy not to mention the time off is a bonus. With these days off I can get in some awesome
training with plenty of sleep! I got some epic training days during my two weeks off, which include training runs with my track kids and riding long with pro cyclist Bobby, ex-pro Kyle, and fellow elite triathlete Marco.

The picture (from left to right) is of Keith (visiting from Boulder), Kyle, me, Bobby, Sean (who will soon be a pro cyclist), and Marco (taking photo). Great 60 mile ride out east of Sarasota.

Here are more highlights of my training:

  • Started my vacation in St. Augustine and got in 120 miles of riding, which included a 80 miler.

  • Hill running with SHS track at the celery fields

  • Working on my butterfly which got a compliment from the god of butterfly, Kevin McCormack - "you have a decent fly." I was ecstatic!

  • Rubber track workout with track team and Marco.
  • 2 mile warm up + 4 sets of 400/800 (400 at 5K pace, 800 tempo pace) [equivalent to 5K, completed in 18:40...not bad for a training workout and no speed work] + 1 mile cool down and of course core!

  • Lots and lots of riding with my 10/2 power intervals (10 minutes at hardest gear just below AT and 2 minutes easy). Thanks to Kyle for his off-season intervals!

  • Along with power intervals, weights are a key to help develop my bike to where it needs to be.

  • To finish the two weeks off, I did a 5 miler trail race on New Years Eve day, which was not my best 5 miles from all the training and little speed work, but finished 6th OA and 1st AG with 29:51.

  • Final totals: 460 miles biking, 80 miles running, 14,000 yards in the pool

  • Great way to end the great year of 2011! Can't wait for 2012! Especially, meeting my new Rev3 teammates and racing Rev3!

    I can't forget the reason I can train this much and the reason I am so successful-my Abigail! Had a wonderful New Years Eve!
    That's a bitching sparkling shirt!


    1. Dang! Way to do work and put 2011 to rest... here's to an even more awesome 2012! (and i'm intrigued by explosion fridays - but am almost afraid to ask.)

    2. Loving the way everyone is putting the final nail in the 2011 coffin. Nice work for those last 2 weeks man.